NAVPLG Awards honor volunteer programs and managers of volunteers who work in local government:

2019 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator Award: Meghan Delaney, VolunteerNow - Dallas, TX

2019 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator Award:  Christine Stansfield, Sno-Isle Libraries
2019 Innovative Program Award: City of Dublin, Ohio - Alexa Pilot Project

2018 New Volunteer Administrator: Roxanne Flores-Achmed, City of Killeen, Texas
2018 Innovative Program Award: Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Open Canvas Project - Deconstruct - Reimagine
2018 Award of Merit: City of Kettering, OH - Kettering Leadership Academy

2017 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator:  LeeAnn Harvey, Volunteer! Decatur, Decatur, GA
2017 Innovative Program Award: City of San Jose, CA - The Sunday Series

2016 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator:  CHRISTINE NARDECCHIA, City of Dublin OH
2016 New Volunteer Administrator: SHAYLON SCOTT, City of Dallas  TX
2016 Innovative Program Award: CITY OF KETTERING OH

2015 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: SUE IREY. City of Carlsbad CA

2015 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator: JORG HRUSCHKA,City of Fort Lauderdale FL

2015 Award of Merit: CHANDLER POLICE DEPT (VIPS), Chandler AZ

2014 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: Kathy Halstead, O’Fallon, Missouri
2014 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator: Anthony Richardson, Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District,  Jarupa Valley, CA
2014 Innovative Program Award:  Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department, Gilbert Arizona, Kim Yonda
2014 Award of Merit: Volunteer Tyler – Tyler, TX

2013 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: Susan Hawes, Portland Parks & Recreation – City Nature East
2013 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator: Sheryl Ivey,Salt Lake County, Utah
2013 Innovative Program Award:  VolunteerLEON , Walk a Day in a Soldier's Boots

2012 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: Robin Popik, City of Plano, Texas
2012 Innovative Program Award:  Volunteer!Decatur, Decatur, Georgia, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

2009 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: Donna Koehler – Boulder County Public Health, Volunteer Services Program Manager, Boulder, Colorado
2009 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator: Corina Sadler, City of Plano, TX
2009 Innovative Program Award:  Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Program, Glendale, Arizona

2008 Outstanding Volunteer Administrator: Joe Lancaster, Syracuse City School District