For volunteer leaders in government entities, the annual NAVPLG Awards are a great opportunity to be recognized for exceptional individual contributions and successful programs. Nominations are open on April 3, 2024, and are due by June 7, 2024.

  1. Outstanding Volunteer Administrator Award - presented to a NAVPLG member, this award recognizes qualities that include effective use of leadership skills, creative utilization of people, resources, and opportunities, a strong sense of professional ethics, and an ability to mentor youth and/or peers.
  2. New Volunteer Administrator Award - presented to a NAVPLG member or non-member who has been in their position serving local government for three years or less.
  3. Innovative Program Award - honors the outstanding achievements of a member's government program in the creation and implementation of a program/service which utilizes volunteers to creatively serve both their local government and community.
  4. Award of Merit - presented to a volunteer administrator or program at the discretion of the NAVPLG Board for their work in the field of volunteer administration. Membership is not required.
  5. Rising to Excellence Award - This is a special award that will be given by NAVPLG to recognize volunteer professionals or programs that have overcome great challenges (budget, staff, or leadership changes for example) and still found success.